Open Source Covid-19 Ventilator Canada
Open Source Covid-19 Ventilator Canada

Welcome to Open Source Covid-19 Ventilator Canada

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About The Ventilator Prototype

We are offering the design details and prototype test results for an open-sourced life support ventilator that could be manufactured quickly in high volume. 

The electric flow generator is a Linear Diaphragm Compressor (LDC). Very efficient and highly reliable with few moving parts. No bushings, bearings or rotating components.

The LDC with electronic control package provides all flow generating functions needed for a durable, efficient, small, medical ventilator.

Who Should Join This Community

Medical device manufacturers in a position to ramp up quickly to very high volume production.

If you want to join, please answer the request for information in detail. 

Members must either show capability, experience and capability in the design and manufacturing of electronic and electro-mechanical products, ideally medical devices or the use of Mechanical Ventilators. 


This site is NOT for education or experimentation by hobbyists or DIY fans, the patient must be intubated by a medical professional.

Notice From The FDA

FDA Enforcement Policy for Ventilators and Accessories and Other
Respiratory Devices During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
Public Health Emergency  March 2020

"..... for the duration of the public health emergency, FDA is
interested in interacting with manufacturers of ventilatory support
devices that are not currently legally marketed in the U.S. as well as
manufacturers who have not previously been engaged in medical device
manufacturing with capabilities to increase supply of these devices. FDA
will work interactively with these manufacturers through its Emergency
Use Authorization (EUA) process"